Understanding the Cosmetic Regulation

KOZMODET is a member of the Working Groups of the Ministry of Health dedicating to the preparation of the Law on Products for General Use and the Bylaw on Cosmetics. These legislation aims to regulate the field of cosmetic products in accordance with the European Cosmetics Regulation.

The philosophy of the Cosmetics Regulation is that all products meeting the requirements of the Regulation should have equal and immediate access to the market and should be able to circulate freely throughout the European Union. In the EU, it is strongly believed that for fast moving consumer products, such as cosmetics, an in-market control system (also known as post-market control) is more effective than pre-market approval procedures. The key principle of the Cosmetics Regulation is that the person or company who places the cosmetic product on the market is responsible for that product (so called ‘Responsible Person’). It is the responsibility of that person or company (usually the manufacturer or the importer) to ensure that the product is safe and meets all the requirements of the Cosmetics Regulation. All stages of the development of the cosmetics product is regulated by the Cosmetics Regulation, from the choice of ingredients to the placing on the market of the product.

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