Projects and Voluntary Inititatives

KOZMODET defined it as their duty participation in the national legislative process and in particular compliance with EU law. KOZMODET also follows voluntary initiatives of the cosmetics industry as well as detergents’ and houshold cleaners’ industry.


KOZMODET launched the PREP-P-WB initiative to promote usage of compacted detergents in the Western Balkan countries. Innovative technology enables washing of the same amount of laundry with max 100g per one washload.

The compact formula is expected to reduce the amount of detergent used by at least 33 percent by weight and at least 25 percent by volume. Washing the same amount of laundry at lower temperatures, with less water and less detergent dose, allows saving energy and water, while keeping the same efficiency of washing as with standard detergents. This initiative is currently being carried out in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Kosovo.

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AISE Charter for Sustainable Cleaning

The aim of this voluntary initiative across the European countries is to encourage the whole industry to undertake continual improvement in terms of sustainability. It also aims to encourage consumers to adopt more sustainable ways of doing their washing, cleaning and household maintenance.

Sustainable Cleaning

AISE cleanright

Cleanright is a service provided to consumers to help them understand the broad range of cleaning and maintenance products available, the benefits each type of product offers, and how to get the best results from them in a safe and environmentally responsible way.

The website is an initiative of two European industry associations, A.I.S.E. and Cefic.


Cosmetics Europe
Self Regulation in Advertising

Cosmetics Europe developed ˝Guiding Principles on Self Regulation in Advertising and Marketing Communication˝.

Guiding Principles on Responsible Advertising and Marketing Communication

Cosmetics Europe
Driving Sustainable Development

Cosmetics Europe’s mission is to support the development of an innovative, sustainable, competitive and respected cosmetics industry in Europe, which best serves consumers.

Driving Sustainable Development