About Us

KOZMODET is a business association of leading manufacturers and importers of detergents and cosmetic products in Serbia.

KOZMODET is dedicated to:

  • improving and developing business in this area,
  • introduction of European standards in the Serbian market and
  • encouraging constructive dialogue between member companies and relevant institutions.


  • To promote, develop and protect the interests of producers and importers of cosmetics and cleaning products in Serbia.
  • Identification of the common problems among the members related to the legislation, it´s implementation and initiation of the negotiations with the relevant authorities in order to amend/change it.
  • Representing members in relation with state administration and relevant stakeholders (Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Trade, Consumers organizations, NGOs…).
  • Providing members with the information necessary to fulfill the legal obligations as well as the exchange of experiences and opinion within the legal framework.
  • To cooperate on national legal and technical issues which are of mutual concern to its members within the legal framework.
  • Comparative analyses of national and EU legislation.


  • To contribute to the establishment of an accurate image of the chemical and cosmetics industry in the public opinion.
  • Common voice of industry to the authorities, stakeholders and media.
  • Participation in national legislative process and in particular harmonization with EU laws.
  • Participation in promoting scientific progress, economic and social development.
  • Enhance sustainability of the entire industry.

Executive Body

Executive functions of the association are: President, Vice President and Executive Secretary. The president and vice president are elected for a term of four years. Currently, these two functions performed by representatives of Henkel Srbija and L’Oreal Balkan.

How to become a member

Three steps take you to the membership of the association Kozmodet:
a request for Application form, completing the form, the decision of the Board.
For more information, please contact us via e-mail or phone.

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Why to become a member

Kozmodet Industry Association is the representative of detergents and cosmetics industry in the country and abroad, which plays an essential role to meet the needs of its members which are defined by the mission and goals.

Affiliation fee

Fee is paid annually in advance by an agreed amount and criteria.

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